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Pop Adair Golden Slipper NYA

Captain: Jon C. Schrenkengast III
Co-Captain: Nikole Adair
President and Treasurer: Bob Adair
Secretary: Patty Adair
Business Manger: Kourtney Kelly

The club originated from the Adair, the Bradeis, and the Kelly families, and friends.  The club has won top prizes in every category in the Comic Division.  Pop Adair Golden Slipper has participated in many events and parades throughout the East Coast. After 50 years of parading in costume, the 2006 Mummer’s parade was the last costume performance for Bob Adair. Bob Adair was Vice President of the Comic Division,  delegate, and alternate of the Mummer’s and New Year Shooters Association.  He was also the first person to be elected into the Murray Comic Club Hall of Fame.  Bob would like to thank his two nieces, Beverly Kelly and Dana Hopkins, for taking over the group since 2005.  Since 2013 the Adair family has been parading with four generations of Adair's.

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