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Happy Wanderers

President: Frank Cahall Jr.

In the beginning Happy Wanderers meant the man, Happy Ford Wand. Happy was a man who spent his life brining smiles into the lives of people young and old. He was a many faceted man. He was an active member of Murray Comic Club. Always ready to help out and always there on the day most of us live for each year, New Year’s Day! He was the man who owned and ran the Dunk tank. He was Happy the Clown, with Jinny the car that responded to his voice. Something most of us are still trying to figure out, how could a car respond to Happy’s voice? It never mattered though because as much as we all wanted to know how it worked, all we wanted was to be in the company of Happy and his car.
Happy started the Happy Wanderers, a group that marched proudly with Murray Comic Club. Under him there were many years of ideas, building and countless sleepless nights preparing for the parade. I, personally, learned a vast amount from Happy. Not just things about the parade and how to ‘clown ‘round’, things about what it meant to be a friend who you could count on to the very end.
All too suddenly and much too early Happy Ford Wand left us to join the Parade in the stars. With his passing, I received one of the biggest honors I have ever been given in my life. The Happy Wanderers was given to me, to continue his memory and his work. Since then, The Happy Wanderers, however big or small our marchers may be each year, all walk with the memory of Happy and his love of laughter in our hearts.

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